A Taxonomy of Task-Based Parallel Programming Technologies for High-Performance Computing

Peter Thoman; Kiril Dichev; Khalid Hasanov; Roman Iakymchuk; Xavier Aguilar; Thomas Heller; Philipp Gschwandtner; Pierre Lemarinier; Stefano Markidis; Herbert Jordan; Thomas Fahringer; Kostas Katrinis; Erwin Laure; Dimitrios~S. Nikolopoulos

In this paper, we provide an initial task-focused taxonomy for HPC technologies, which covers both programming interfaces and runtime mechanisms. We demonstrate the usefulness of our taxonomy by classifying state-of-the-art task-based environments in use today.


Task-based programming models for shared memory -- such as Cilk Plus and OpenMP 3 -- are well established and documented. However, with the increase in parallel, many-core and heterogeneous systems, a number of research-driven projects have developed more diversified task-based support, employing various programming and runtime features. Unfortunately, despite the fact that dozens of different task-based systems exist today and are actively used for parallel and high-performance computing (HPC), no comprehensive overview or classification of task-based technologies for HPC exists. 


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 671603

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