Thomas Heller - '2017 NERSC Award for Innovative Use of HPC - Early Career'

Thomas Heller has been bestowed the '2017 NERSC Award for Innovative Use of HPC -  Early Career' for his work on running OctoTiger on the full NERSC Cori-II system

Thomas applied his knowledge to utilizing the NERSC Cori-II resource to perform full-system runs using OctoTiger, an adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) code based on HPX, which is an asynchronous, massively parallel tasking runtime system. As a main result of this work he has demonstrated that asynchronous many task (AMT) runtime systems are a powerful and viable addition to the current set of prevalent parallel programming models. Over the past several years a growing community of researchers, industry professionals, and policy makers have questioned the viability of emerging AMT solutions. His work demonstrates that it is not only possible to utilize these emerging tools to perform on the largest scales, but also that it might even be desirable to leverage the latency hiding, finer-grained parallelism and natural support for heterogeneity that the AMT model exposes.

Thomas has been invited to give a talk about this work at NERSC next week where he will officially receive the award.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 671603

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General Coordinator

Thomas Fahringer

Scientific Coordinator

Herbert Jordan