EnESCE: Workshop within HiPEAC18

EnESCE: Workshop on Energy-efficient Servers for Cloud and Edge Computing.

On Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018.



Emerging applications like cloud computing and Big Data analytics have increased significantly the volume of traffic in data centers. However, the speed and energy efficiency improvements of typical general-purpose processors and memories used in servers has slowed down dramatically. Next generation servers will need more energy-efficient hardware as well as software ecosystems to sustain the vast amount of data center traffic which is expected to grow even more with the advent of the Internet-of-Things. This workshop aims to present the most recent work on next generation energy-efficient servers and foster the interaction between the universities, research centers and industry that work on this area.

In particular, we call for original papers on the domain of servers for cloud- and edge-computing, microservers based on hardware accelerators for servers, micro-architectures for low-power, dependable and/or secure servers, run-time systems, middleware and programming frameworks that are used to reduce the power consumption in the data centers and/or deal with potential faults induced by reliability/variability issues.

Topics include

  • Energy-efficient servers
  • Edge micro-servers
  • Hardware accelerators in data centers
  • Hardware accelerators for machine learning, graphs and databases
  • Microarchitectures for low power server processors
  • Reconfigurable computing for customized servers
  • Application benchmarks on embedded-based servers
  • Low power server interconnects
  • Programming frameworks for energy efficient servers
  • Energy-efficient resource management
  • Run-time system software
  • Disaggregated and rack-scale computing
  • Server architectures/system software/testbeds for near-data computing


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 671603

Contact Details

General Coordinator

Thomas Fahringer

Scientific Coordinator

Herbert Jordan